A user computer is set up to view Sage CRM 7.3 in compatibility mode in Internet Explorer 11.


The user trys to navigate to the Administration screens or their user prefences by selecting the button in the top right hand corner of the screen.
They are unable to do so as this button is missing:



The cause of this issue is that Internet Explorer 11 is set up to view Sage CRM 7.3 in compatibility mode.


To resolve this:

1. In Internet Explorer 11 open the settings menu.

2. Select the option "Compatibility View Settings".

3. Select the website applicable to Sage CRM 7.3.

4. Remove it from the list and press ok.


You should now see the menu in the top left hand corner as expected:


The button is now present and you can select the administration menus, preferences etc.


Sage CRM 7.3 is fully supported in Internet Explorer 11 so there is no need to run it in compatibility mode. 

More information:

This is not an issue in Chrome and Firefox.