You cannot create an opportunity for a Company/Person on an integrated install of Sage CRM 7.3GA that has been added to CRM via the iPhone App.


A user selects "Adds to CRM" option on a Phone contact on the Sage CRM iPhone App.
A user then logs into Sage CRM via a browser and creates an opportunity.
But when saving the opportunity the following error message is displayed:


All the required fields have been filled in correctly but the following appears in the ewaresystem.log:

Feb 10 2015 9:19:58.178 1532 5016 1 SQL Error : Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'AND' (select * from Company  WITH (NOLOCK)  where comp_primaryaccountid= AND comp_Deleted is null)


The apparent cause of this issue is that the accountid has not been created when the contact was added to Sage CRM via the iPhone.


This issue has been escalated to our development team and will be resolved in a future patch of Sage CRM 7.3.

More information:

This is only affecting integrated installs of Sage CRM.