A user gets a SQL error when creating a group because of Umlaut charcters eg ä,ö..


A user creates a new "Intelligent Select" field and creates a New lookup for this field.
These selections contain Umlauts eg äö.

The user then adds this field  as a search citeria for a group an when the user goes to save the group the following error message is displayed:

The following is also displayed in the ewaresql log file:

Feb 20 2015 11:36:38.100 11796 12052 1 fselectsql,time,sql,errormsg 0 SELECT DISTINCT Comp_CompanyId, comp_name, addr_city, comp_phonefullnumber, comp_emailaddress, comp_website, comp_secterr FROM vsearchlistcompany  WITH (NOLOCK)  WHERE comp_test IN (N'ã¶ã¶ã¶') AND Comp_CompanyId IS NOT NULL ORDER BY Comp_CompanyId Not enough storage is available to complete this operation


The cause of this issue is the Umlaut charcters as the selections in the newly created "Intelligent Select" field.


This issue should be resolved in Sage CRM 7.3b.