There exist four restricted characters in Sage CRM that indicate whether a password string is encrypted. These characters are "#", "^", "$" and "&". Passwords to be used in CRM, such as database connection passwords, should not begin with any of those four characters.


Using one of those characters may result in an issue decrypting a user password. This may result in issues connecting to the database. These may affect either eWare DLL or the CRM Tomcat webapps.

Issues arising from this may be logged as "you may need to recreate views manually" in the case of the eWare DLL, or "Could not open connection" / "Error creating bean" errors in the CRM webapps.


The following characters are restricted for use as the first character of a password.

$Encrypted string (deprecated)
#Encrypted string (deprecated)
^One-way hash. Used for user passwords.
&Encrypted string. Used for database connection passwords, and other content that needs to be decrypted.

These characters may appear elsewhere in the password without issue. Data stored in other fields can begin with these characters.


Passwords used with CRM, in particular database passwords, should not start with these four characters.


This is by design, as some method needs to be used to indicate whether a string is encrypted, and what encryption method is being used.