Submitting a page when zoomed in greater than 100% may result in the data being sent twice. This can result in duplicate entries being created in Sage CRM.


Any action where data is submitted may be affected; the example raised with the case was where new quotes are being created. This resulted in the following message being displayed on


Code was added to the WebTriPage.js JavaScript include file in 7.3 that reloads the page if a user is using IE11, and if they are zoomed in. This results in form data being resubmitted if the page was returned as the result of a HTTP POST.


On submission, the following message is displayed by the browser, along with Retry and Cancel options.

"To display the webpage again, the web browser needs to
resend the information you've previously submitted.

If you were making a purchase, you should click Cancel to
avoid a duplicate transaction. Otherwise, click Retry to display
the webpage again."


It is suggested that another browser be used if screen zooming is required; Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are unaffected by this issue.


This issue was raised to the development team, and has been resolved in 7.3c, released on 28th August 2015.