An issue may be encountered where certain fields on a web to lead form are always set to the same value on submission of a lead.


Default values for Lead_Stage, Lead_Status and Lead_Priority are always set on new leads created via a web to lead form. This occurs regardless of whether or not these fields are present on the form, whether they exist as lookups for those selection fields, or whether these values are set using a workflow.

Field values are set to the following:

Field nameValue
Lead_StatusIn Progress

In addition to this, the new lead record will always be placed in a owrkflow, regardless of whether or not a lead workflow is being used.


These values are hard-coded in Sage CRM.


No workaround is available.


This issue has been resolved in Sage CRM 7.3d, due for release in late November 2015. From this patch onwards, the values for these fields will be set using those supplied by the web to lead form.