In Sage CRM 7.2 and 7.3, it may be impossible to send a plain text email using Outlook.


Either of the following error messages may be displayed:

The path to local file is incorrect, please use Browse button to select file.

Unable to open this file. Please check that the file exists.

If troubleshooting using the browser's developer console, the following error may be appear in the console:

'CKEDITOR' is undefined


This issue is caused by an error in a JavaScript include file used for sending emails.


In \CRM\WWWRoot\js\crm\wsEmailClient.js, change the first instance of the following:


to the below:


Other issues may present themselves when sending plain text emails; in these instances, it may be worthwhile changing further examples of the above in that include file. The include file should be backed up and given a different file extension (if being backed up to the same directory) prior to making any changes.


This issue was assigned to the development team for investigation, and has been resolved in 7.2i, released on 31st July 2015.