An issue may exist whereby the mapping component for Sage CRM only displays a blank screen when a user selects the Map tab. This issue is caused by a problem within the mapping component, and affects Sage CRM 7.2 and 7.3 when Internet Explorer 11 is being used. Additionally, some users have reported issues with top menus being broken in Sage CRM 7.3.

This issue affects all versions of the mapping  component released up until 18th June 2015.


There are two issues on the ASP page affected. One is caused by 3 missing closing tags, another by the div used to display the map being of zero size.


Replace lines 243 to the end of MapsTab.asp with the following. This does not fix all of the layout errors, but does get the map working again.

html += '<div id="MapContainer">';
html += '<div id="activeMarker" ' + (!companyMapped ? 'style="display:none;" ': '') + '>';
html += '<img src="img/' + (entity=="Lead" ? (companyId ? "Company" : "Lead") : "Company") + '.png" style="position:relative;left:-16;top:-56" />';
html += '</div>';
html += '<div id="mapdiv" style="height:100%;width:100%"></div>';
html += '</div>';
html += '</td>';
html += '<td>' + mapOptions + '</td>';
html += '</tr>';
html += '<tr>';
html += '<td colspan="2">';
html += '<div id="LongLat"></div>';
html += '</td>';
html += '</tr>';
html += '</tbody></table>';
html += '</TD></TR></TABLE>';


Alternatively, a Sage CRM Community user has posted an amended compy of MapsTab.asp here:


This issue has been resolved for Sage CRM 7.2 in the latest version of the mapping component, available here:

For Sage CRM 7.3, customers will be required to upgrade to 7.3c (release date August 2015), and install the latest version of the component.