An issue may occur whereby it becomes impossilbe to edit captions for custom entities when inline translation editing is enabled.


On selecting the Inline Translation Mode option under Administration | Customisation | Translations, a user may attempt to customise a custom entity caption. On editing the caption, any attempts to save it will prevent the caption from being updated successfully.


The issue is caused by the F parameter being passed twice when editing an inline translation screen. This parameter is responsible for setting the caption family when editing a translation.

If you examine the screen URL when in inline editing mode, you’ll see that this parameter isn’t used when editing translations against standard entities. The Capt parameter is used instead.

The issue can be understood by examining the URLs used to construct the screen.

Custom entity summary screen (inline caption edit mode):


Popup screen (first F parameter used):


Bad caption family

Same screen,  with one (correct) parameter passed:


Correct inline translation popup screen 

The incorrect parmeter may persist when editing another custom entity after the first one - this may lead to behaviour when editing translations that appears non-obvious to a user.


Edit captions using their family and code in Administration | Customisation | Translations.


This issue was raised to the development team, and has been assigned to patch 7.3d, due for release on November 30th, 2015.