In Sage CRM 7.2g and later, two new parameters have been added to query URLs to control tab selection. These are the E and Capt parameters. The E parameter refers to the entity in use, while the Capt parameter refers to the caption code used to select a tab. If not using the URL methods in CRM's APIs, these parameters must be specified in order to highlight a correct tab when navigating around a custom entity.


In earlier patches of Sage CRM 7.2, the system could determine the tab to highlight based on an ASP page name (in the case of custom entities). This is not the case in versions of CRM affected by this bug - values have to be entered for the E and Capt parameters.


This issue was introduced in a patch update.


This issue was raised to the Development team, and is resolved in Sage CRM 7.2i (August 2015) and later patches.