A metadata issue exists within the Case_OpenedBy field in a standard Sage CRM install. This issue can be resolved via a SQL script.


When Case_OpenedBy is added to a screen (such as CaseDetailBox), it may not be displayed correctly.

Case_OpenedBy error 
The field will display, but some components (such as the maynifying glass) may not operate as expected.


This is caused by an issue wit hthe metadata for the Case_OpenedBy field on the Custom_Edits table.


Running the following SQL, then carrying out a metadata refresh will resolve the issue:

update custom_edits
set ColP_EntrySize = 5, ColP_LookupWidth = null
where ColP_ColName = N'Case_OpenedBy'


This issue has been raised as a bug to the development team, and has been resolved in the Sage CRM 7.3c (August 2015) patch.