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1. Create a SQL 2012 server using collation Latin1_General_Bin
2. Run sage crm 72b NA installation
3. After install, login to CRM and Interactive dashboard cannot be loaded, file export and mailmerge also failed.
4. this issue seems to be caused by SQL server collation, change to another server with SQL_latin1_General_CPI_CI_AS collation will work.

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Hi Terry,

Thanks for this. There is absolutely no way that the Latin1_General_BIN collation will work with Sage CRM. The BIN part of the collation name impies case sensitivity, since sorting will be done by binary values. Sage CRM metadata and query strings are not case senstitive, i.

A full list of supported collations is available in the installation and upgrade guide.

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After installing a copy of Sage CRM onto an instance of Microsoft SQL Server using the Latin1_General_Bin collation, you may find that the CRM webapps cannot connect to the database. This is due to Latin1_General_Bin being a case-sensitive collation, and a setting in the db.proeprties being in the incorrect case.


After installing a copy of Sage CRM 7.2 or 7.3 onto a






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