User Select fields in Sage CRM can be displayes in one of two ways within Sage CRM. Which format is used depends on an entry on the CustomSysparams table named DropdownThreshold.

More information:

When linking a Sage CRM entity record to a user, a particuklar type of field is used. This field is a User Select field. An example of this is when creating a new appointment; the User field (Cmli_Comm_UserId) is a separate data type to other selection fields in the system.

These fields can be displayed in one of two ways. When there is a relatively low number of active users in the system, this field will appear similar to a multi-select, as below:

Users under threshold

As more active users are added to Sage CRM, you may find that the way the field is displayed changes:

Users over threshold

Which method is used to display the field depends on the DropdownThreshold entry in the Custom_Sysparams table. When the number of enabled users in the system passes the threshold, the dispaly format will be changed.

You can determine the number of active users by running the following SQL:

select count(*) from users
where user_deleted is null and User_Resource = N'false' and User_Disabled is null


The current DropdownThreshold value can be determined by running the following:

select parm_name, parm_value from Custom_SysParams where Parm_Name = N'DropdownThreshold'


The threshold value can be set arbitrarily, though it's likely a good idea not to increase it to a very high number, since it will affect how easy it is to select user records. To change the threshold value, run the following SQL, then perform a metadata refresh under Administration | System | Metadata:

update Custom_SysParams set Parm_Value = '20' where Parm_Name = N'DropdownThreshold'