Certain textarea fields responsible for customisation input may have a MaxLength property applied to them when Internet Explorer is used. The database columns backing these fields typically use an nvarchar(max), so users are preventing from entering valid input into these fields.


On attempting to enter data into a custom field, such as the text area fields associated with workflow actions, users may field that their input is restricted to (typically) 1024 characters.


This issue has been introduced with support for Internet Explorer 11 without Compatibility View enabled in Sage CRM 7.3. A MaxLength property has been added to many textarea input fields in the Administration area of Sage CRM.


A workaround is available. The following can be added as a custom JS script in the \CRM\WWWRoot\js\custom\ directory. Addiitonal fields can be added to this script as needed.

// This script removes the MaxLength property from workflow action fields as per Sage CRM L3 case 0-165365.
// Add field names to be extended to an array.

var scriptingFields = [   

crm.ready(function () {

    for (var i=0; i<scriptingFields.length; i++) {

        $('#' + scriptingFields[i]).removeAttr('maxlength');


This issue was raised as a bug to the Sage CRM development team, and was addressed in 7.3 SP1.


More info:

Please note that an earlier version of the workaround script provided here caused the calendar picker to fail to display when appointments were viewed. This appears to have been caused by a failure to generate valid entity references in jQuery. The current version of the workaround should not cause any issues.