After adding the lead_opened datetime field to a web to lead form, leads may be created in Sage CRM with a default time of midnight UTC. The date portion of the datetime field will be unaffected.


The issue can be reproduced by creating a web to lead form containing the lead_opened field. After posting the new lead to Sage CRM, the lead's time will be set to midnight UTC on whatever date is selected in the lead_opened_DATE field.


The lead_opened_TIME parameter being passed to CRM is being ignored. Only Lead_Opened is used to set the date and time.


It's possible to work around this issue by modifying the web to lead HTML. The workaround involves including the value for the time in the lead_opened parameter when POSTing to CRM. This can be done by modifying the CreateAction function on the web to lead page:

function CreateAction() {

    document.getElementById("lead_opened").value = document.getElementById("lead_opened").value
        + ' ' + document.getElementById("lead_opened_TIME").value;

    if (document.WEB2LEAD.SELECTWorkFlow == null)
        document.WEB2LEAD.action = "http://crm-server/crm/eware.dll/SubmitLead?RuleID=";
        document.WEB2LEAD.action = "http://crm-server/crm/eware.dll/SubmitLead?RuleID=" + document.WEB2LEAD.SELECTWorkFlow.options[document.WEB2LEAD.SELECTWorkFlow.selectedIndex].value;
    return true;


The issue has been raised to the development team as a bug, and will be resolved in a future patch for Sage CRM.