An issue has been introduced in Sage CRM 7.3c whereby uploading data, exports to Excel or CSV, or actions involving MailChimp are never completed. All versions of Sage CRM between 7.3GA and 7.3 SP1 may be affected.


A user may carry out an export, and the screen will appear to pause or hang with a list of the number of records processed. The currently-active user session may become unresponsive while CRM attempts to complete the user action.

The following behaviour is seen in the eWare system log when carrying out an export:

1: The eWare DLL successfully creates an intermediate XML file in the Library containing the data to be exported.

2: The eWare DLL sends out a HTTP request asking the CRMJ webapp to convert the file to the required filetype:

Oct 8 2015 12:38:17.599 4364 2980 5 START - doEndpointPost URL:
Oct 8 2015 12:38:17.770 4364 2980 5 FINISHED - doEndpointPost time-taken: 171ms. HTTP status code: 202

This request completes with a HTTP 202 response, indicating that the file has not been processed yet.

3: In response to the HTTP 220, the eWare DLL sends out repeated requests at intervals of 1000ms, seeking to download the processed file when it is ready:

Oct 8 2015 12:38:18.784 4364 2980 5 START - doEndpointGet URL:
Oct 8 2015 12:38:18.831 4364 2980 5 FINISHED - doEndpointGet finished URL:

Oct 8 2015 12:38:19.845 4364 2980 5 START - doEndpointGet URL:
Oct 8 2015 12:38:19.876 4364 2980 5 FINISHED - doEndpointGet finished URL:

Oct 8 2015 12:38:20.890 4364 2980 5 START - doEndpointGet URL:
Oct 8 2015 12:38:20.921 4364 2980 5 FINISHED - doEndpointGet finished URL:

The above spreadsheetTask requests continue ad infinitum. Attempting to navigate to the indicated URL via a browser will return a HTTP 202, with a retry interval indicating when you should check again for the completed file.


The issue is caused by the defaultQueueChannel entry in async-processing-queue.xml, within the core.jar file in the CRMJ webapp's lib directory.


The issue has been rasied to the development team for a fix. This will be included in the Sage CRM 7.3 SP2 release.

The resolution to this issue contains a small change to a single file. As such, affected systems may make use of a new JAR file which resolves the issue, pending the full release. Versions of the file are available for 7.3c and 7.3 SP1. The file can be downloaded here:

 Download: Amended core.jar - 7.3c

 Download: Amended core.jar - 7.3 SP1


Instructions for deploying the JAR file are as follows:

  1. Ensure that the customer has been upgraded to either Sage CRM 7.3c or 7.3 SP1.
  2. Stop the Tomcat service.
  3. Go to the CRM\tomcat\webapps\crmj\WEB-INF\lib directory and rename the existing core-0.1.jar to core-0.1.jar.old. It is important that the existing file is not left with a .jar extension.
  4. Paste the new JAR file downloaded from the link above into this directory. The downloaded file will need to be unzipped in order to obtain the JAR file.
  5. Start the Tomcat service.
  6. Log into Sage CRM and attempt to reproduce the reported issue.


The issue is resolved in 7.3 SP2. The modified JAR file given above can be safely applied to production systems which have not yet been upgraded.