The customer was able to connect via X3 connector on version 7 of X3. Then they upgraded and installed version 9 (U9) of X3 and upgraded the connector to 2.0.

After the setup of the connector, when testing the web service on WSCUSTOMER or any other object. The error was:

 <ERROR>The request failed with HTTP status 405: Method Not Allowed.


"HTTP 404 not found"



Following were the changes to fix this issue:

Changes in web.config:


  1. Old value:    <add key="X3 Version" value="7.0"/> is replaced with  New value:  <add key="X3 Version" value="9.0"/>  since the version has changed


  2. Since the update PU9 has run the Gateway webservice url needs to be changed in web.config file like below:



  3. We also recreated gateway schema by deleting all files from: