There was a Mailchimp error when pushing the CRM group to Mailchimp however it shows that the group has be submitted to Mailchimp.

The error recorded in Mailchimp.log file is:

There was an Mailchimp when error pushing over the list with id of 'NNN'.com.sage.crm.mailchimp.exception.ExceptionDto: List_TooManyMergeFields
at com.sage.crm.mailchimp.utils.MailChimpRequester.applyStandardErrorCheck(
at com.sage.crm.mailchimp.utils.MailChimpRequester.postRequest(
at com.sage.crm.mailchimp.operations.ListOperationsImpl.addMergeVar(
at com.sage.crm.mailchimp.operations.ListOperationsImpl.processFields(
at com.sage.crm.mailchimp.operations.ListOperationsImpl.addMergeVarsToList(


Now to explain what is happening and the reason of this issue; Mailchimp don’t allow more than 30 fields to merge by design and if you will open CRM admin guide, you will find below list of fields from Company, Lead and Person table, and these are the only fields allowed to be present in Mailchimp list and to merged in templates by design.

If anything falls outside these fields over 30 fields the same issue will occur.

Field label and type Sage CRM field name

Company name COMPNAME

Company email address COMP_EMAIL

Company type COMP_TYPE

Company status COMP_STATU

Company source COMP_SOURC

Company territory COMP_TERRI

Company revenue COMP_REVEN

Company employees COMP_EMPLO

Company sector COMP_SECTO

Company website COMP_WEB

Person first name FNAME

Person last name LNAME

Person email address PER_EMAIL

Person salutation PER_SALUTA

Person title PER_TITLE

Person title code PER_TITLEC

Person department PER_DEPART

Person status PER_STATUS

Person source PER_SOURC

Person gender PER_GENDE

Sage CRM - System Administrator Guide Page 301 of 374

Field label and type Sage CRM field name

Lead description LEADDESC

Lead person email LEA_EMAIL

Lead company name LEA_COMPNA

Lead first name LEA_FNAME

Lead last name LEA_LNAME

Lead company country LEA_COUNTR

Lead salutation LEA_SALUTA

Lead source LEA_SOURCE

Lead stage LEA_STAGE

Lead status LEA_STATUS

CRM every time with the upload of group creates these fields by design so don’t worry it will create all deleted fields again. I would still suggest to test this in a UAT server in case they have a complicated list structure.


  1. Go to the list in mailchimp which you are using.
  2. Open that list and click on Setting -> List Fields & *|Merge|* tags
  3. Now delete all fields except the default one “Email Address”
  4. Save the list.
  5. Now send the group to mailchimp.

 This should resolve the issue and will recreate all the allowed fields in Mailchimp list as well.