In sage CRM Integration with Sage 200, Sync works fine and real time works fine from CRM to 200 but when you update a record in 200 (e.g. the company name), the change isn't written to the CRM.


Error in localhost log:

The error captured in gateway logs was:


<datetime>20/02/2017 10:46:53</datetime>
<message>CON : Request Started, 0 Transactions Active</message>
<datetime>20/02/2017 10:46:53</datetime>
<message>CALL : CRM Broker not available : http://localhost/CRM/CustomPages/Enbu/Framework/Broker/ServiceBroker.asp, Paramters :
forder_by%3e%3crecords_per_page%3e10%3c%2frecords_per_page%3e%3cpage_no%3e1%3c%2fpage_no%3e%3creturn_count%3eTrue%3c%2freturn_count%3e%3c%2ffind%3e  ,

Message : The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.</message>


Work around / Resolution:


Since the 404 error means it is not finding the correct path of requested resource, The error is caused by malformed url in web.config file:


Changed following entry in web.config file:

<add key="CRM Service Broker Url" value="http://localhost/CRM/CustomPages/Enbu/Framework/Broker/ServiceBroker.asp"/>


<add key="CRM Service Broker Url" value="http://<CRM Server Name>/CRM/CustomPages/Enbu/Framework/Broker/ServiceBroker.asp"/>


Remove <> before saving.