The customer wants to do Mailmerg for groups. The problem is that some fields of the view were not merging.

More information:

Mailmerge for one singel Person was working fine. (vMailMerge is used).
If they start the Mailmerge via advanced search the Mailmerge is working fine. (vSearchList Person is used).

Mailmerge for groups (static or dynamic): vSearchListPerson is used.

If the new fields in the view are explicitly selected for the Groupcontent (in group columns) the fields will be merged, otherwise they stay empty.

Is there a way for the users to select their own group-content but still have all fields for mail merge available?
Or does the group-content always have to contain the merge fields to get them correctly in merged document?


This may happen in older CRM versions upgraded, hence try following query and do a metadata refresh:

update Custom_SysParams set Parm_Value ='N'where parm_name ='AllowDupRecs'