Customer has CRM installed on split servers (Application server and Database server), they have upgraded SQL server version on database server.
They started getting "You may need to recreate views manually" error when opening Sage CRM.


The following error message appears on login screen

    You may need to recreate views manually.

However CRM services were able to connect to database and logs transactions were getting recorded for CRM services but eware.dll was not getting through.


The “You may need to recreate views manually” error message generally refers to an issue raised the eWare DLL attempts to access a metadata object. Most typically, this is due to a connection failure on the database, but it may also be caused by the metadata being missing from the database. But in this case it was because SQL server version was upgraded in Database server but client tools were not upgraded on Application server hence it was not able to connect.


Upgrading client tools to correct version as on Databse server resolved this issue