Turn Off Automatic Metadata Refresh


If you wish to turn off the automatic Metadata refresh you will need to update the "UpdateMetadataVersion" flag in the database.

For that, you need to run the following query:

update Custom_SysParams 
set Parm_Value = 'N' 
where Parm_Name = 'UpdateMetadataVersion' 


Please be aware of the implications of using this, without a manual metadata refresh none of the following changes will be reflected system-wide to all users. 

- Modifying Reports 
- Dynamic Data 
- Quotes and Orders 
- Integrations 
- Modifying Users (Will not affect password resets) 
- Channel/Team Admin 
- Modifying Translations 
- Modifying Workflows 
- Modifying Groups 
- Key Attributes 
- Languages 
- Campaigns 
- Currency Admin 
- Installing Components 
- Territory Admin 
- Email Templates 
- Email Client 
- Web services 
- Notifications 
- Reassign Users 
- Advanced Find 
- Database Admin 
- Screen Customisation