Adding an ASP Page to Company Tabs

Steps to add ASP Page:

1. Create an ASP Page and add to the directory: 


The default location For 32-bit (x86) system is C:\ProgramFiles\CRM\...

 And for 64-bit (x64) system is C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\CRM\...

2. Log on to Sage CRM as Admin

3. Go to My Profile > Administration


Click on the Customisation option


Click on Company entity


4. Select on the Tabs and open company tab. Under Properties, use the following options:

  •  Caption - Enter a caption for your new tab. For example, Test ASP Page.
  •  Actions - Select Customfile.

Custom File - Enter the name of the custom .asp file you saved in the CustomPages folder earlier in this procedure. For example, test.asp


When finished, click Add. Your new tab appears in the list under Desktop HTML Tab Group Contents. Use the up and down arrows to position your new tab. Click Update and then click Save.