Client need to change default font of email template/email editor screen of CRM. 
In previous version of product this could be achieved by following KBA 632-18006 
The config files in this article do not exist in 7.3 as the FCKEditor has now been update, also newly branded CKEditor. 


You can find instructions on setting a default font in the CKEditor documentation. Alternatively, you can check how the CSS is being set by opening up the browser’s dev toolbar, then viewing the computed styles. 
Using this, you can see that it’s using a file named contents.css. Here’s my entry for the default value for the body: 
{ /* Font */ /* font-family: sans-serif, Arial, Verdana, "Trebuchet MS"; */ font-family: Comic Sans MS, cursive; font-size: 12px; /* Text color */ color: #333; /* Remove the background color to make it transparent */ background-color: #fff; margin: 20px; } 
I’ve changed it from a boring sans-serif font to something more… festive. This will only affect the display of text in the body where a style has not been applied, so will not fix the email issue that’s described in the case. 
You might also find that you want to change the selection option in the Styles area. This can be done in the config.js. This will change the default option selected, but again, not the default font used in the text: 
config.font_defaultLabel = 'Comic Sans MS, cursive;'; 
config.fontSize_defaultLabel = '16px'; 
config.fontSize_sizes = '8/8pt;9/9pt;10/10pt;11/11pt;12/12pt;14/14pt;16/16pt;18/18pt;20/20pt;22/22pt;24/24pt;26/26pt;28/28pt;36/36pt;48/48pt;72/72pt'; 
config.font_names = 'Comic Sans MS, cursive;' + 
'Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;' + 
'Times New Roman/Times New Roman, Times, serif;' + 
This then takes you to the issue complained about in the case – that there’s no inline style being applied to the font. This can be fixed by adding a new section to the config.js. I added the following immediately after the CKEditor.editorConfig section: 
CKEDITOR.on('instanceReady', function(evt) { 
if (evt.editor.getData() === "") 
{ evt.editor.setData('<span style="font-family: Comic Sans MS, cursive; font-size:16px;">­</span>'); } 
In this instance, if there’s no text in the new editor window, we’ll apply a font. 
Once you’ve both files updated, try clearing your cache and creating a new email.