Changing the Default Page for Mobile from Calendar to Opportunity list.


When we open the Sage CRM mobile app, the default screen comes out to be is Calendar.


You can customise the code to see the Opportunity list as Default screen.

For that, you have to take below steps:

  1. Edit the mobile login.html file located here: "WWWRoot\mobile\logon\logon.html"
  2. There’s a line in here:

           <form data-ajax="false"  name="LoginForm" method="POST" action="#ewarepath#/go ">

            change it to:

           <form data-ajax="false"  name="LoginForm" method="POST" action="#ewarepath#/go?B=opportunitylistblock">

This would bring you to the opportunity list on first logon.

More Information:

However this file would be updated by our installer on upgrade so whenever you upgrade, you would have to make that change again.