Summary: Quick Find Symbols are missing

Symptoms:  After upgrading from 7.3 to 2017 R1, the Quick Find symbols are missing. 

Cause: While upgrading, datatype of Custom_tables changes, that cause the symbols to disappear.

Resolution: Take the below steps to resolve the issue:

1. Take Backup of the database before doing any changes.

2. Alter the column Bord_Caption and Bord_Name to nvarchar(40) if it has changed.

3. Run the below query in Sql(It will remove all the trailing spaces at the end of the table names): 

Update [Custom_Tables] set Bord_Caption = RTrim(Bord_Caption), Bord_Name = RTrim (Bord_Name);     

4. Do an IISRestart. Then Restart your Tomcat and quick find service.

5. Login to CRM and check it will start working.