Removing the Outlook Plugin from Downloaded program files on Windows 8,10

When uninstalling the Outlook Plugin or document drop you may find that the normal steps taken to remove the necessary files will not work. Microsoft have made some system changes in windows 8 which will require a new method of removing these files.



Using internet Explorer -> Manage Add- ons -> Right Click More information -> Highlight the file and select remove


If a hard delete is required you will need to navigate to C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files and delete the necessary files


Close Internet Explorer, and anything else that might make use of IE (e.g. Microsoft Office).


Navigate to C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files.


Press and hold the Shift key and right click on the folder or drive that you want to open a command prompt with the focus at, and click on Open Command Window Here.


Run the following:


regsvr32 -u ewarepluginx.ocx


del ewarepluginx.ocx


Open IE, and log into CRM.


Navigate to a page where the document drop plugin is used.


You will either be prompted to reinstall the plugin, or it will be reinstalled automatically. If neither of these happen, then check the browser security settings