In calendar>tasks, when "Show overdue" tasks is selected, tasks are only shown for 90 days before. In 7.3 there was no time limitation for overdue tasks

More info:

This change to a specific time period was necessary to display the tasks in the new Calendar.

There’s a workaround they can do to increase the length of time the overdue tasks offset is for.


  1. Extract the attached js file into the “WWWRoot\js\custom” folder
  2. Change the DAYS variable in the js file to be however number of days they want to go back (var DAYS = 120;)
  3. Reset iis and refresh the user’s cache and the changes should be picked up


Note that this should work for going back further than 90 days but there might be issues if you set it to be less than 90 days. Also it will probably be slower the further back they want to go.