Outlook Lite Plugin - Popup to install new version of plugin


After upgrading to CRM 2017 R2/R3, install Outlook Lite Plugin. Everytime user login to CRM gets prompted with message: 

"A New Version of the CRM Outlook plug-in is available. Click Ok to install." 

The version format in ExchangeOutlookVersion is different than the OutlookPluginVersion 

Classic uses commas (,) and Exchange uses periods (.) or commas (,)


In the database, Custom_SysParams needs to be updated to use for parm_name ExchangeOutlookPluginVersion. 

When Installed Lite outlook plugin, IE add-on (IeExchangeProxy.ocx) will compare version value of the Lite Outlook Plugin with the version value on SysParam tables in the CRM database.


1. Run SQL Script below in CRM Database : 

    update custom_sysparams set parm_value='' where parm_name='ExchangeOutlookPluginVersion' 

2. Do a metadata refresh for all in Administration > System > Metadata Refresh.