Exporting a report as an Excel file results in the error: Access violation at address XXXXXXX in module 'eware.dll':



CRM will not produce and export any Excel files.

No Base currency is set. When a report is requested regarding currency, the Base Currency has to be defined.


* Go to Administration->DataManagement->Currency
* Click New and add a currency (Symbol: USD(Any currency), Precision: 2, Rate: 1.59 (This can be anything))
* Then go to Administration -> Data Management -> Currency Configuration and click change.
* Select the currency that you created as Base Currency and Is Single Currency: No
* Then go to Preferences and make sure that Currency is not none or 6.
* Click change and select the currency that you created as Currency and save.
* Do an metadata refresh and an iisreset for good measure.

When these configurations are changed, the reports will start to export as xlsx files.


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