An issue may arise on attempting to migrate a copy of Sage CRM integrated with Sage Murano to another machine. After carrying out the migration, the integration was enabled. This resulted in an error being written to the logs.

No misconfiguration errors were displayed on-screen, however the logs displayed the following error:

- com.sage.scrm.syncengine.core.engine.error.SageSyncEngineException: Updating configuration in SCRM failed
- com.sage.scrm.model.error.SageXMLMessageException: Error while creating XML document from string
- Premature end of file.


The "premature end of file" issue was caused by a value in the GGS_SchemaDocument field on the GCRMGlobalSettings table being set to a zero-length string instead of NULL.

On trying to set up an integration, the syncengine attempted to read XML from that field. Since the field neither contained valid XML, nor contained a NULL value (to indicate the abselce of a value), the "premature end of file" error was returned.

Changing that field to NULL allowed the integration set up to continue.

More Information:

- Sage CRM 7.1.h.1
- Murano 2013.45
- Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard