When using Sage CRM in French, the user date format may be restricted to mm/jj/aaaa.


The problem can be reproduced by logging into CRM, and navigating to Administration -> Utilisateurs -> Configuration de l'utilisateur. After setting the Format de date de l'utilisateur par défaut value to mm/jj/aaaa, the following SQL query can be run on the database:

select Parm_Name, Parm_Value from Custom_SysParams where parm_name = 'DefaultUserDateFormat'

The value stored agaisnt the parameter will be mm/jj/aaaa; it should be translated to mm/dd/yyyy.

More info:

On 7.2b the translation does not work for any format except mm/jj/aaaa. Once you change it from that format, it doesn't get translated to English on the database. This incorrect date format affects the date format for escalation rules and Self Service.


The correct value can be entered manually on the database using a SQL statement. The value will need to be set to the English version.


This issue has been raised to the Development team, and is scheduled for a fix in v7.1m.