Opening a custom URL in a new window may result in a script error in v7.2.


A custom URL can be added to the main Find menu by nanvigating to Administration -> Advanced Customisation -> System Menus,and selecting the Find menu option. 
In order to have the URL open a website in a new window, you can select the customurl action, enter a URL (e.g., and set the New Window option to Yes.

On testing this, you would expect the Google homepage to be opened in a new window. However, the new window is not opened, and a script error is displayed:

Script error:

Object doesn't support property or method 'SelectNewWin'
Do?SID=45279599335751&Act=523&Mode=1&CLk=T, line 1 character 33


Enter a custom URL in the following format:


where is the site you want to visit.

You'll need to set the New Window option to No, or blank it.


This issue was introduced in v7.1, and was resolved in v7.2b.