Hanging up an inbound call when using CTI will cause the CTI frame to retain the active window.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Install CTI, and set up a user as a CTI user. Set the default CTI screen to Company.
2. Logon as a standard user, using the demonstration or test database
3. Simulate an incomming call for a known phone number in demodata
4. Answer the call in the CTI frame.
5. Select and open the Company record using the link in the CTI frame.
6. Select the Communication tab in the company record, and select the New Task button.
7. Start entering the new task details. Leave the Details text area (comm_note) selected.
8. Hang up the call (NOT from the CTI frame, using your device).
9. Continue typing, simulating still filling in the task details.

Actual result:

You'll be trying to type in the "Enter Number" field in the CTI frame. The CTI frame has taken the active window.

Expected result:

You should still have focus in the EWARE_MID frame, and you should be typing in comm_note.


Click again into the comm_note field to set the focus