A query was raised regarding the Java Runtime Engine packaged with CRM v7.2:

Given that the JRE installed with Sage CRM is not "installed" (it does not appear in the Java Control Panel), should the standard installer be used? The standard Java installer will register the JRE on the machine, making it available to other applications.

Suggested action:

There should be no need to reinstall the JRE that’s included with CRM v7.2.

It’s effectively not installed to start with – the binaries are just unpacked into \CRM\Services\JRE, there are no registry entries associated with it, and the Java auto-updater is not aware that it’s there. As such, it would be unlikely that it has been updated or modified by another application, unless it was never copied to that directly correctly in the first place.

The CRM install media contains a copy of the JRE in the \Sage\CRM\Utils\EN\JRE\32 directory. All that is required to install this is to copy it into the \CRM\Services directory. The 64 bit JRE is included with the installer, but you should only use the 32 bit JRE if this is your main CRM web server.

More info:

Should CRM require an updated JRE, one will be included with the update installer. There should be no need to download and run it separately.