Problem Description:

When using a quick Search for Companies or Persons then exporting the result to CSV.

You receive an error that the export failed.

In the logs you find:

e.g. Nov 22 2013 11:19:57.345 5992 3580 1 ERROR generating excel file. Message - <diagnoses><errorMessages><errorMessage><info>com.sage.crm.web.exception.SageAsyncProcessException: Report generation failed
Exception in thread "main" com.sage.crm.core.exception.SageReportGeneratingException: \\servername\CRM\Library\Test1_admin.csv (Access is denied)


 Check if the tomcat service user has permission to access the location: \\servername\CRM\Library\

 1) Go to Windows Services - Start - Run - serverices.msc - Press Enter,

 2)  Right click the Tomcat service, choose properties and click on the LogOn tab.

By default this is set to use the Local System account. This must be changed to use a domain account with permissions to access the shared directory 

3) Right click on Tomcat Service - Restart.