This KB article will show you how to make sure that new companies have a territory and that it can not be set as default


1. Go into Administration -> Customisation -> Company -> Screens -> Company Summary Screen
2. Click on Company: Territory (comp_secterr)
3. To make it so that when creating a new company the territory is changed from default to the current user's territory when saved put the following into the CreateScript box:

DefaultValue = CurrentUser.user_secterr;

4. If you want to make it so that the territory cannot be left as default you could put the following into the validate script for the same field (note: not to be used with the above code):

if (Values('pers_secterr') = 'Default')
Valid = false;
ErrorStr += 'You have not set the territory';

More Info:

Using either one of the two methods above, the territory field should now never remain on the default.


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