This article covers the issue that some of the fields that the user has selected to be included in the report/group change to different fields when the report or group is saved.


When creating a new group / report the field names seem to change randomly when a report is run.

In the report setup screens, If you add a few fields and click continue and then click previous you will see that the fields you had selected have changed name.

Then, if you try to add the fields you added initially it will say that you have already selected them even though they have changed names.

Workaround / Resolution:

A possible workaround for this issue in both groups and reports is by adding all of the fields to the group or report, clicking continue and then previous and then deleting all of the fields you don’t want in the report or group. These will be the correct names for the field.

An alternate solution to the groups problem is by creating it using the find screen, however this only allows you to use one view.

More info:

This issue seem to mainly affect installs of 7.2b that have been up from 7.1.
But it has also shown up in new install of 7.2b. 

This issue has fixed in Sage CRM 7.2c which has been released