An issue may arise when editing phone numbers in an integrated copy of Sage CRM with Sage 200. The issue may result in the wrong phone number being updated through the interface, and will only be observed when the SuppressAccounts entry on Custom_Sysparams is set to "Y".


The issue will only occur when the Account and Company IDs are set to a specific sequence, and may result in an update to a person's phone number through the interface updating an unrelated account.

The phone number for a given account can be queried by running the following SQL:

select Phon_Number,* from PhoneLink
inner join Phone on PLink_PhoneId = Phon_PhoneId
where PLink_EntityID = 10157 and PLink_RecordID = (
    select Acc_AccountID
    from Account
    where Acc_Name = 'YOUR ACCOUNT NAME HERE')


This issue is caused by a bug which has been resolved in a hotfix for Sage 200 CRM.


The issue has been resolved in v7.1k hotfix 1.