Sdata gadget not working in Sage 300 ERP integration when used for company information.


When creating a new gadget based on a sdata list(Sage CRM sdata feed) and using the company entity the user recieves the following error message: "An error occurred when attempting to process the Gadget. Please contact your System Administrator."

The issue here is that there are three SSA fields being created by the integration in the Company entity: Group Code (Comp_IdGrp), Tax Group (comp_codetaxgrp) and Terms Code (comp_codeterm) that are broken as they are pulling information from nvarchar fields. SSA fields should be integers.

Workaround / Resolution:

This issue is non-reproducable in Sage CRM version 7.2d.

There are possible workarounds that may suit certain users, to get more information on these workarounds please contact you local Sage CRM support team.