Issue with report setting to select only the reports relative to the previous weeks in the search criteria on 7.0 and 7.1 installs.


1. This is for reports where the search criteria uses some form of date field.
2. For this example the 'opportunity: close by' date field was used as a search criteria in a report based on opportunity.
3. Select the "relative to: previous week" option on the second page in the report setup. 
4. Once the report is run if a example opportunity had a close by date in the previous week (6-12/01/2014) the report will show the reports from that week in the previous year instead. (6-12/01/2013)

Workaround / Resolution:

Use the dates between selection option instead of the previous week selection and just select the first and last day of the week.

More info:

This is not an issue in version 7.2.