Errors with Quick look on an outbound call for a wave activity in the outbound call lists tab on 7.2b and 7.2c


In version 7.2b if quick look is selected no communications will be shown until you click on one of the columns to order the communications.

In version 7.2c quick look does not work, an SQL (102) error appears blocking the quick look page. 

Workaround / Resolution:

The error in 7.2c has been escalated to development with no current workaround available. 

For 7.2b the workaround is simply to click on one of the column headers to show the communications. 

More info:

Both issues are currently escalated to development and will be fixed in a future release of Sage CRM. 

The SQL error is not reproducible in v7.2e; the remaining error is due to be fixed in v7.2f as cases 0-157251-QA and 0-157204-QA.