When synchronising CRM with exchange it fails.

The following error is shown in the logs:

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM (SELECT DISTINCT Pers_PersonId, Pers      _createddate, Pers      _updateddate, Pers      _timestamp, Pers      _deleted FROM vContactExchange WITH (NOLOCK) WHERE  1=1  AND 0 < (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM UserContacts WHERE pers_personid = ucnt_personid AND  ucnt_userid IN (823)  AND ucnt_deleted IS NULL  )  AND NOT EXISTS ( SELECT exsr_LocalEntityID FROM EcngSyncResource INNER JOIN EcngLocalEntityMapping ON exsr_LocalEntityMappingID=exem_EcngLocalEntityMappingId WHERE exem_EntityName=''contact'' AND exsr_LocalEntityID=Pers_PersonId) ) A {FAILED after 0 msec}
java.sql.SQLException: Invalid column name ''Pers''.


The workaround for this issue is to run the fiollowing query on the database:

alter table custom_tables alter column bord_prefix nvarchar(10)
update custom_tables set bord_prefix = RTRIM(bord_prefix)

More information:

This only seems to effect upgraded installs to 7.2.
This issue is currently with development and will be resolved in a future version of Sage CRM