An issue was introduced in SAge CRM 7.2, whereby setting pending emails to "Complete" was no longer a single-step process. This issue was resolved with the release of the Sage CRM 7.2g patch.


In v7.1, users could click the Complete link next to a pending email in order to set its status to Complete.

Pending email Complete link

In v7.2, this results in the Email Out screen being displayed. The email status will be automatically set to Complete.

Email Out screen

Hitting Save on this screen will result in the user being brought to the Edit Appointment screen.

Appointment screen

Hitting Save again will result in the email status being set to Complete, and the Calendar screen being displayed.

In v7.1, the user was never brought to the Edit Appointment screen; on saving the email, they were sent directly back to the Calendar.


The issue is caused by a redirection value being set to action 364 (EditCommunicationStatus).


There are two workarounds available. The first option is to simply hit Save when the Appointment screen is displayed. The user will be returned to their calendar. Alternatively, the following Custom Content scritps can be added to CommunicationTaskList and EmailFilingBox:

// Script 1: Add as a Custom Content script to CommunicationTaskList
// Appends a custom Source parameter to links going to Act 364

$(document).ready(function () {

    $("a[href*='&Act=364']").attr('href', function (index, attr) {

        return attr + '&CustomSourceAction='+crm.getArg("Act",document.location.href);

// Script 2: Add as a Custom Content script to EmailFilingBox
// Changes the value for _HIDDEN_BEENTHERE based on a custom parameter

$(document).ready(function () {

    if (crm.getArg("CustomSourceAction", document.location.href)==183
        && crm.getArg("Act", document.location.href)==364
        && $('#_HIDDEN_BEENTHERE').val() == 364) {
            $('#_HIDDEN_BEENTHERE').val(crm.getArg("CustomSourceAction", document.location.href));

The above scripts pass a custom parameter, which changes the redirection behaviour when a Pending email is saved.


This issue was escalated to the development team, and was resolved in the 7.2g patch, released on January 30th, 2015.

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