Customers may have a requirement to have their Outlook plugin installer default to a port other than port 80. This may be because they are using CRM over HTTPS, or because they are using a non-standard port.


The plugin installer's "Port number" setting is shown below.

Plugin install screen

This value is controlled by the OutlookPort entry on Custom_Sysparams. In order to change this value, try running the following SQL, where the default port is changed to port 443.

update custom_sysparams set parm_value = '443' where parm_name = N'OutlookPort'

Once this is done, do a metadata refresh, inlucing the system params in the refresh.

More information:

As a follow-on query, a customer may be interested in setting the Use secure connection (HTTPS) to checked by default. This option is not controllable through the CRM interface, or by making a settings change on the Custom_Sysparams table. Instead, they may want to investigate the possibility of installing the plugin via group policy.