When loading the Interactive Dashboard one of the gadgets gives the error:

"An error occurred when attempting to process the Gadget. Please contact your System Administrator."


It shows in the SCRM logs (<date>scrm.xml) that the gadget entity is missing from the database

<log4j:event logger="scrmLog.class com.sage.scrm.model.layout.LandingPageHelper" date_time="2012-02-10 14:39:40.053" timestamp="1328884780053" level="ERROR" thread="http-16009-2">
<log4j:message><![CDATA[Gadget doesn't exists (id = 6042)]]></log4j:message>


On early versions of 7.1 this can happen when the Gadget has been deleted and has LPGAD_DELETED = 1 on the LPGadget table. This field has to be changed to Null to undelete the gadget and resolve the error.

To do this, you need to change LPGad_Deleted for the relevent gadgets from 1 to null.

select * from dbo.LPGadget where LPGad_GadgetId in (6042, 6041)

update LPGadget set LPGad_Deleted = NULL where LPGad_GadgetId in(6041,6042)