When writing an ASP page, it's possible to write out further updates to the client's browser as operations complete. This can be done using the Response.Write() function.

If you are using the .NET API, you may be accustomed to using the AddContent() method. This adds content to a buffer; content is only returned to the user's browser when the GetPage() method is called. This will result in issues if you want to incrementally add content to the browser, such as when implementing a progress bar.


More information:

The .NET API has a number of different methods available for writing custom content to the browser. These are as follows:

AddToHeader(string): Adds content to the <head> part of the page. This could be useful if writing out Javascript that should be immediately available on a page..
AddHeaderScript(string): Writes out text to an existing <script> area.
AddHeaderContent(string): Writes content to the <body> tag. This is done before any content which is added using AddContent.