When adding a contact using the classic Outlook plugin, certain action security records may cause an "Illegal user action" error to appear in the ewaresystem.log.


The following error message will appear in the interface when adding a Contact record in Outlook using the "Add to contacts" button:

Functionality not available, Please consult your system administrator

An error message will also be logged in the ewaresystem.log:

StartUserAction,User,Action 2 1902
Illegal user action: 1902 by <user name>

The action number may be any of the following: (1900,1901,1902,1903,1904)


The action codes referred to were added erroneously to CRM as part of a patch update.


Run the following script on the database:

DELETE FROM ActionSecurity WHERE AcSe_Action IN (1900,1901,1902,1903,1904)

Once this is done, carry out an IIS reset.

More information:

There is no risk of introducing a security issue by running this script, as the actions should not be present in the ActionSecurity table.