1. The first issue was that the schema on the CRM side was not updating during the synchronisation initialization.

2. Once the above issue was resolved there was another issue in that the trackingid which tracks the conversation between CRM and the ERP system was timing out, in the gcrm.log there was a message:

"Task process 815fa180-74d6-4cc2-8d05-daae8752074b no longer exists"


1. The issue with the schema not updating was resolved by fixing the views. The table SoloProfile had been removed from the database so the vSoloProfile view was failing when the views were being refreshed. To resolve this issue we dropped the vSoloProfile view as solo is no longer supported in 7.2.

2. To resolve the second issue we increased the Custom_SysParam "VacuumCleanerTimeout" to 86400. This system parameter controls the amount of time a trackingid which tracks the conversation between CRM and ERP will remain alive before it is cleaned up. Once this timeout value was increased we could see an error 500 coming back from ERP. This was resolved on the ERP side by reconfiguring the user that Murano uses to process the data that comes from CRM.