Removing the Java Runtime Environment installer from the Sage CRM installer may result in an issue installing the product.


The following issue will be displayed on running the installer.

The following software is required but has not been detected: Java Runtime Environment

Setup cannot continue.


The JRE had been removed from the \Sage\CRM\Utils\EN\JRE\32 folder on the CRM install media. The missing file is labelled


Replacing the file in this directory resolves the issue. Please note that this is a different file to the file in the \Sage\CRM\Utils\EN\JRE\64 directory.

This issue stemmed from a misunderstanding regarding CRM's JRE. On install, the CRM installer unpacks its own copy of the 32-bit Java 7 JRE into the \CRM\Services\JRE directory. This is always the 32-bit copy of the JRE - the 64-bit version is not used in this release. This JRE is needed even if another copy of the Java Runtime Engine is already installed on the server.